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22/23 Rainfall Totals

As of Thursday March 30th 2023 at 8 A.M the 24 hour total is .64" bringing the rainfall total for the season to 84.50"

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Residential and Commercial Building Damage Collection press release on behalf of Lake County Sheriff’s OES and the Lake County Community Development Department

March 7, 2023
Residential and Commercial Building Damage Collection
Lake County, CA (March 7, 2023) -- The Lake County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services (OES)...

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Frozen Pipes? Here are some helpful tips.

When temperatures are consistently at or below freezing:

  • If you have pipes that are vulnerable to freezing, allow a small trickle of water to run overnight to keep pipes from freezing. The cost...

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Level 2 Drought Response Conditions

We now mandating Level 1 drought response measures. We have supplies in the office available to customers to help conserve water. Please visit the links below to view the drought response letter...

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Cobb Area County Water District Launches a Brand New Website! Subscribe Today!

We are excited to announce that our new website has launched and includes all the information our community needs related to their water service. Check back often, as we will be adding information...

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Bulk Water Sales

The Cobb Area County Water District will be suspending all sales of bulk water indefinitely, except in emergency situations, due to the drought.

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